Introducing colour into your home

Interior design with a difference. Its not about large budgets and refurbishments its about focusing on the placement of furniture within the home. Add to your existing interior with colour and accessories to harmonise your living space.

All areas in the home have a connection to certain aspects of your life. By following the simple instructions below, you can add colour to promote health, wealth and happiness.

Locate the position of your room.

This can be a very simple task, use the compass app on your phone. Stand behind your front door looking outwards and this will tell you which direction your house is facing

Click here to download a compass app

This will help decide on the shade of colour and how much is applied.

Your space

You must consider how the room is being used for example office/ bedroom/ living area etc. Colour can influence your mood, effecting sleep patterns, productivity when working and how you relax and unwind. The power of colour will bring your space alive, but the shade and amount of colour must be selected very carefully. This is dependant on the room size and the amount of natural light that enters through the window. You can add colour by painting and decorating or just simply adding accessories to a neutral pallet.


Recommended colours for each area of the home.

A simple guide for introducing colour into your home depending on the room location

Look at the plan which has a North facing Door.

Step 1

Printout this colour guide (Click here)

Step 2

Roughly Sketch your ground floor plan, keeping the sketch the same size as the colour guide and place your plan over the top.

A list of Colours that can be used in each area of the home and how they will effect your lifestyle.

Listed From bottom left to top right

  • Knowledge & Spiritual growth – Black, Blue and Green
  • Career – Black
  • Travel & people – Gray, White & Black
  • Family and health – Green & Brown
  • The central point – Golds or yellow
  • Creativity – White
  • Wealth and Money – Blue, Purple & Red
  • Fame & Reputation - Red
  • Marriage & Love – Red, Pink & White

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