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The Journey

After leaving High school in 1989 I had no idea what career path I wanted to follow. After trying out many different jobs I decided to go travelling around parts of Asia and Australia. I fell in love with Japanese design, simple well thought through interiors that consider all factors of lifestyle and storage.

My internship with Red Head designs was just short of 2 years. Working in commercial design, creating hand-drawn concepts for the Bar and Restaurant industry. Due to the company relocating to Australia of all places! I was left with an office full of samples and contacts and encouraged by the previous owner to become self-employed.

In 2003 I set up Aire Interior design, working with small commercial ventures and large domestic properties. The latter became the backbone of my business. I have always wanted to reach out to clients with all types of budgets and came up with design in a box. Unfortunately, the timing for this product was too early.

And here I am today, 17 years later with a lovely family and a small successful business. I love spatial design and awareness which led me to a Feng shui course focusing on furniture placement and colour theory – the way in which colours in the home can affect your lifestyle, health and prosperity.    I have now been able to pursue my love of Japanese design and have completed a Feng Shui Diploma with a distinction.

Interior design is a luxury of this there is no doubt, but today with the endless furniture websites to hand and products more accessible, customers now have more choice. What is not available is a service which guides and considers the clients lifestyle. I believe a well-designed space is essential regardless of its style or trend. Taking into consideration the above I have decided to revisit my original idea of concept in a box. An online service which helps create timeless design which is personal, a little box of luxuries delivered to your door.

Life is like a box of chocolates!